©edirtual offers itself as a tool for Cultural promotion, a culture that puts man and his values in the centre. Ethics, the person, his chosen path and his development have to be the guideline of the whole literary work. ©edirtual also wants to be a powerful tool for diffusion, and an occasion for those who wish to spread their message all over the world.

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Editorial line

Although avant-guarde and modernity fluctuate over time, they pass with great speed like fashion. Only by fertilizing time with a fragment of eternity can we hope for a cordial present. We are interested in people, -and the fragment of eternity that they all carry in their hearts-, and not passing fashions, nostalgia for the past o simple prophecies.

Although progress and technology globalize space and they don’t live it, they transform us into nomades with no roots. Only by letting space grow roots in a fragment of infinity can we hope that our houses become bright hearths. We are interested in people,-and the fragment of infinity that they all carry in their hearts-, and not closed spaces, rough or false.

Let’s change the speed at which we move for the success of the path that we have chosen to walk. Let’s change globalization for the desire to share. Let’s change the confusion of the single thought for  cooperation that passes through time and space. Let’s change words for their truth; rants for communion; remote and isolated corners  for the horizon; and we change nothing for one person.

Transformations happen at an incredible pace. We are used to giving value to things for their practical application and we forget that good tools are not those that allow us to change the world with the most comfort but those which best adapt themselves to the needs of everyone. Like a glove made to measure. Our words should be like this. Made to measure for each person and at the precise rhythm of their growth.

The individualism of freedom makes us less human as the days pass. ©edirtual wants to make its proposal following two lines: globalization of culture  and the tranversality of the spirit.

Our proposal is not to return to humanistic disciplines as if they were an archaic legacy,  but to enrich them with a dynamic and global format that harmonizes their gentle and communicative proposal.

It’s not a novelty. Humanistic disciplines have shaped our culture up to modern day. Critical spirit, The plurality and strong defence for the dignity of mankind can be found in places and moments well determined in the course of our history, so why not imagine that internet can convert our common inheritance into a new humanistic agora?

We want to strengthen the thought and make the ethic idea stronger so as to contribute to the cohesion of our society. Humanistic disciplines can help us to examine ourselves in a new way and admire others, articulating our thoughts and heelping to express it in an intelligible way, giving us criteria that allow us to live with a sence, with enthusiasm and passion for all human creations.

Secondly,  ©edirtual proposes the connection and trasversality of the dignity of all peoples as the load-bearing column of languages and literature, of philosophy, history and the arts as columns of civilization and culture. All people carry within themselves the mystery of a unique and unrepeatable existance. Their silence is dense as their words can be dense, their look or the solitude in which they find themselves behind any of their manifestations.

©edirtual an transform itself into a magnificent proposal so that the humanistic culture employs new technologies in the service of equilibrium between tradition and innovation and encourages what we feel is particularly urgent in today’s world: the centrality of the human being in whatever situation they find themselves.

Humanistic disciplines need a positive discrimination and the network is a powerful vehicle of communication. What we need now is the word that must be communicated. ©edirtual wants humanistic disciplines to have a future, meausred by how they are comprehended as factors of humanization, moral and civil responsibilities and of human growth. This is the ©edirtual line. If you feel this way, this is your home.

The online bookshop

©edirtual is a modern and dynamic virtual publishing company that sustains digital reading, proposing the modern alternative to the classic paper book; the e-book. The e-book is a book that can be read on all digital platforms, from smartphones to tablets, personal computers to laptops, up to real reading tools such as the e-reader.

©edirtual is a great platform that allows you to download the book of your choice in realtime and start reading immediately, at a much lower price than paper copies. Why? The price of printing is cut, as is the paper (environmental protection), storage, logistics and the final delivery…thanks to digital.

What are the advantages of an e-book over a paper copy? The e-book is practical, light, it can be taken anywhere in your pocket and it can contain hundreds of books. Reading is very fluent, the letters can be enlarged and the brightness adapted…and leaving your glasses at home will never be a problem! The e-book is synonymous of avant-guarde, modernity, technology…suitable for people on the move, those who love reading on trains or whilst waiting at the doctor’s…dedicated to those who want to choose genre depending on the situation and change books often.

If this is your philosophy, Edirtual is the perfect publishing company for you . Enter the new reading dimension.

Diffusion and distribution

What was once defined as “distribution” in the world of paper books, that is to say the area of action of the sales network (bookshops, sales points, newsagents, etc.), has been substituted by the word “diffusion” for digital files and e-books. This is because a digital file isn’t a physical object and doesn’t have to be transported and distributed physically onto the shelves of the sales points…e-books can be downloaded by the same ©edirtual virtual platform in any moment and in any part of the world..

The diffusion of e-books in the ©edirtual virtual bookshop is supported by an important service of visibility and local, national and international web positioning, so as to reach the widest audience possible. Web Marketing includes the creation of a plan of key words divided into categories of authors, the works and literary genres, the writing of articles and updates linked to the ©edirtual proposals, the managing of the social network pages and relative promotion, email marketing and much more.

This kind of diffusion has an enormous potential compared to physical distribution, it’s international and above all fast (in real time).

©edirtual collaborates with expert linguists and mother-tongue translators for the translation of your digital literary works. Contact us to find out more.