Publish your e-book

If you have an editorial project in mind and you wish to accomplish it or if you already have a manuscript and you’re looking for an editor to publish and distribute it online then ©edirtual is available to listen to you.

Themes that are in line with the philosophy of the ©edirtual project will be taken into consideration by our editorial board, with the due attention and respect for your work or your project. To submitt your texts and ideas to  ©edirtual is very simple: you can write to and consult our website where you will find a lot of information.

The procedure for evaluation of your editorial proposal:

1) Recording the copyright of the manuscript

There are numerous competent organs in Europe that release certification for the use of works , this way guaranteeing all the author’s rights (click here for the list). All authors and editors have the right to protect, economically too, their creations. As a reference point they have to turn to one or more companies, state run or private.

The author of a literary work must enrol at one of these competent organs in order to proceed with the publication of their work, presenting  therefore  ©edirtual with the documents that prove the ownership of the work. In this way the work is protected from copying and unauthorized distribution by third parties.

For any information you can contact ©edirtual

2) Mailing and admission of manuscript

Authors can send their manuscript completely corrected (in word, openoffice format) addressed to or subscribing and accessing the service  ©edirtual will reply communicating the correct reception of the work and will conserve it for a maximum period of 30 days during which the text will be evaluated based on three qualifying elements.

a) Content. Evaluation by two members of the editorial committee, anonymously and conforming to the standard procedure of selection for articles for magazines and publishing companies. This review is always anonymous and with due protection of data.

b) Form. Revision of suitable formats and spelling corrections and style, which is the author’s task.

c) Alignment: the editorial committee is committed to verifying the alignment of the written work to the editorial line of the sector. In order to reach this evaluation, standard procedures of correction in anonymous form by specialized professionals in the sector will be used. In the case of a favorable judgement, ©edirtual will communicate the acceptance of the written work.

Once the evaluation procedure and the approval of the editorial committee is completed, ©edirtual contacts the author in order to formalize the contract for the text edition. ©edirtual will ask for a revision or correction of the text in the case of necessity for incorreorrect  formal aspects or will refuse publication definitively. In this case it is the task of ©edirtual to carry out in writing and correctly, the cancellation of all personal information and the original work.

3) Contract with the publishing company ©edirtual

Once in possession of the ownership documents, the author presents his work to the selection office of edirtual©, which reserves the right to read the work, evaluate and accept or refuse it.

In positive cases, the author stipulates a contract with ©edirtual, accepting the following points:
- no other virtual editor can sell the work
- for 3 years the author defers the rights of virtual distribution exclusively to ©edirtual
- no obbligation or prohibition for paper copies
- the author remains the owner of the rights of the work

4) Creation of the e-book

©Edirtual deals with the creation of the e-book free of charge, with no cost for the author.

The work must be sent to the publishing company in word or txt format and the e-book will be produced in the three basic versions EPUB, PDF and MOBI.

5) Sale and promotion of the e-book

©edirtual sees to the acquisition of the ISBN for the work (International Standard Book Number), the international reference number for the book, a 13 figure numerical code that classifies the book for sale in distribution. For every editorial product there is a different  ISBN (one for the paper copy, one for the PDF version, one for the EPUB version, one for the MOBI version).

The work will be within the portal of the ©edirtual publishing company and it will be possible to purchase it directly online in digital format. Photographs of the book cover, technical details (genre,number of pages,author etc.) and a description of the plot are also included.

Edirtual© deals with the promotion of the work free of charge too, with no cost for the author. Through a visibility plan on the network and on the main serach engines, the potential range of users that can find out about your work widens becoming potential buyers. Thanks to the global aspect of internet and the marketing strategies of edirtual© your works can be discovered in Italy and all over the world.